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Buyer Qustions - Seller Questions


Buyer Questions

Do I need to have an account to purchase your media?

Yes you do need an account. Haveing an account allows you to download your files as needed.

Do I need to buy credits to make a purchase?

No you do not. We do not use a credit system on this site. All purchases are processed through PayPal.

What are the terms of your "Standard" license?

You can find a copy of our "Standard" license HERE.



Seller Questions

How much can I make selling my media?

I can not give you an amount. You choose the price of your media. You do get 55% of each of your sales to start out with. You can easily increase your commission rate to 65%.

Are my media files safe from being stolen?

Yes they are. We store the file on Amazon Web Services so they are secure.

How and when do I get paid?

We do all of our financial transactions through PayPal. You will get a payment with in 3 days of account balance reaches $100.00.

How are you promoting this site?

We are currently listing our site on all the popular search engines. We will be working with S.E.O. professionals to increase our rankings. After our "Grand Opening" we will run ad campaigns to bring users to the site. Sellers can help increase our search engine rankings by adding a link from your site to ours. This also increases your commission rate by 5%.

Once I have uploaded my media, who's property is it?

All media remains the property of the original owner. You can remove, change prices, and post on other sites.

Do I get to set the prices of my media?

Yes, you set the prices of your media. You can remove or change the price on any item at any time you choose.